Welcome, I am Sergio

Thank you for checking my application for ClassDojo. Please review my introduction below. You can also check out my homepage, portfolio, and resume on this website or the attachments below.

I have a passion for user-centric beautiful products. I have had the honor of being involved in cutting-edge projects for television, health, and wellness, and interactive digital video; reaching millions of users. I have defined, designed, prototyped, implemented, coded, architected, and researched many end-user products with the goal of creating great experiences.

I believe and live in the intersection of technology and product development. My whole career has focused on building bridges and breaking walls between commonly separated disciplines. My experience has given me a holistic view from creation, delivery, consumption, and interaction of digital products allowing me to define long term strategic visions and business opportunities.

Although I have not been involved directly in education-centric products in the past, my product experience expands through various digital realms. Also, in my teaching and research experience, I explored novel digital ways of learning and communication through interactive video applications. More recently, being an active user of ClassDojo through my kids’ school has made me more curious about the further potential of this platform and how I can bring to the table. Especially during this unprecedented time of remote learning ClassDojo has been great communication and learning connection for our community.

I bring a unique combination of strong hands-on experience across product, design, and technology. In every role, my ultimate goal has always been creating the best experiences for our users with a proactive and forward-thinking approach. Please review further details of my work at

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you at your convenience.

Sergio Goldenberg