Turner – Upwave

As Senior User Experience Lead (Director Level) I led product ideation and definition for upwave.com, a novel multiplatform health & wellness property from Turner. I provided tactical and strategic insight for experience strategies and research efforts. I also facilitated the migration to an agile UX/UI design and development philosophy across internal and external teams.

Upwave.com was an award-nominated startup inside Turner Broadcasting with a unique and fresh look. It went live from scratch in less than two months and we offered a catalog of over a thousand original content and video pieces. Moreover, Upwave’s goal was to offer actionable content that could help people do positive changes in their lives.

As I led the UX Strategy for Upwave, I worked with our designers as well as with Code and Theory an external agency. On the technology side, we partnered with Pivotal Labs as one of the first efforts for Turner into Lean Product and Agile Development.

We launched Upwave’s TrackIT, a unique, personalized health tracking system, as part of a partnership with the personal analytics platform Tictrac.

Upwave’s TrackIT Led UX and detailed product definition for the integration with a health tracker service.