Turner R&D

As part of my consulting experience – through CSE, an Atlanta-based agency – I worked with the Research and Development group at Turner Broadcasting on forward-thinking projects that would be introduced across Turner brands in years to come. I worked on functional and design UX prototypes.

Election Center 2012

For CNN, I worked on data-rich visualizations for their Election Center for 2012. I facilitated UX workshops and converted the discussions into new features. Some of the ideas included segmented video highlights and video and data synchronization.

Documented ideation workshops and proposed novel features for the CNN elections site

ACR on Smart TVs

Automated Content Recognition (ACR) is an identification technology available on Smart TVs that is able to recognize markers, content, and events during a broadcast. It facilitates the creation of interactive opportunities based on what a person is watching.

I created UX prototypes, design mockups, and high-fidelity video examples for different ACR use cases.

  • Sports: A viewer could track a specific player on a NBA game, and every time the player was active on a game real-time data of the player would display on the screen. Also, multiple users could be active at the same time and exchange game guesses.
Created concepts and user flows of potential features for Turner’s ACR experiments.
  • TV Series: For sitcoms, ACR could be used to trigger questions to the users. One of the novel ideas was to use the broadcast logos as the initiator for the interactions, blending the linear and interactive experience layers into one.

CNNgo Early Explorations

I was part of the NGTV (Next Generation TV) effort, the precursor of CNNx and CNNgo. During this consulting project, I designed an architecture that addressed the technical needs of synchronization between data events, live streaming and live broadcast. A couple years later, I would transition to CNN to lead CNNgo’s OTT Product Management.

Early consulting for the CNNx project.