The cable provider was in the early stages of its xFinity X1 platform, and they explored the option of having third-party apps on their set-top boxes; years before TV Apps were a thing.

Electronic Programming Guide

We created an HTML/JS framework for their Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) that would run on early Samsung SmartTVs.

Functional prototype of the TV Grid for the new X1 Set Top Box.

Apps Framework

I lead the technical implementation and architecture of an HTML5/JS light framework, as it had to run efficiently on very limited processing hardware.

Prototyped an SDK for the new X1 Set Top Box that would allow external developers create applications on the platform


One of the use cases was a user personalizable dashboard – named Dayview – that would run as a front screen for xFinity X1. It was launched announced publically in 2012 during NCTA.

Prototype of a personal dashboard demoed at the Cable Show using the X1 Set Top Box