Canal 13

Between 1999 and 2005 I worked for, one of the most important national television networks in Chile, as Web Development and Editorial Leader, where I led the design and implementation of over 50 websites.

I championed a cross-functional and multidisciplinary approach to Web Development across our teams of designers, engineers, and journalists when those concepts were not used in the industry yet.

Multiplatform Nationwide Elections (2004)

One of my most important past projects at was the development of a multi-platform event coverage system for the October 2004 municipal elections in Chile. The primary goal was to fully synchronize television and Web-based coverage of the elections. Another objective was to show, on both television and the Web, all the
election results using a rich graphic and visual display, after quick processing of raw data provided by the Government.

Research carried out after election day showed that the audience distinguished us as having timely and high-quality information delivery, something they couldn’t get from other media sources. Our application gave the fastest information of its kind on screen,
with greater content breadth and depth.

VOD Store (2004)

I led the launch of a broadband streaming video-on-demand portal for live and archived content. Regardless of the incipient penetration of broadband access in Chile at that time, the service was well received by the tech-savvy audience. The project also served as a testbed for future video and micro-payment services that were developed later.

To get access to the video catalog, the user could subscribe for full-access for a period of time or could buy pay-per-view access to a specific video. The first content pieces available for this portal were custom-edited videos from a successful reality show.

This service was the first video store of its kind in Chile and one of the pioneers worldwide.

CMS and Dynamic Content (2004)

The growing requirement to cover news and entertainment events in near real-time introduced a great pressure for design departments, requiring them to produce high-quality visual elements on a very tight schedule. With that in mind, I developed a system for supporting quick content updates, not only for text but for visual elements as well.

These also triggered the revision and iteration of our initial Content Management Systems.