Georgia Tech Computational Journalism

One of my main lines of research while a Ph.D. candidate in Digital Media from Georgia Tech was around the intersection of Computer Science, Digital Media, and Journalism.

News Structures

My doctoral research focused on redefining the News Story in the Digital Medium by expanding the traditional Journalism theoretical frameworks. Specifically, I worked on the creation of novel structures to model news stories and their creation processes applying semantic web technologies.

Storylines: A tools that combine time-based data with news events for better comparison

Computational Journalism

I have also worked with Dr. Irfan Essa on Computation + Journalism efforts and with Dr. Ian Bogost on NewsGames research.

Videolyzer: A tool for journalists to analyze, collect, and share criticisms of the
information quality of online political videos.

N. Diakopoulos, S. Goldenberg, I. Essa. Videolyzer: Quality Analysis of Online Informational Video for Bloggers and Journalists. Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI). April, 2009.