CNNgo Product Evolution

During my tenure with the CNNgo team, I led Product Development for the different TV apps in addition to led their technical implementation.

On 2014, we launched CNNx a next-generation TV Everywhere premium product that gave viewers unprecedented control over their TV news experience.

Early version of CNNx

Through CNNx users could access 24 hours of program rundowns and select on-demand full episodes and segments together with a wealth of complementary digital content. The product was then renamed CNNgo and was available on its launch on and the CNN iPad app.

Redesign of CNNgo
An early marketing video for CNNgo with Wolf Blitzer

On 2015, we expanded the service to our first TV/OTT devices. The first platform to get CNNgo was AppleTV. The experience on TV/OTT devices was much simpler but we expanded the VOD offering to clips and the whole vault of full-episodes from CNN, CNN International, and HLN content.

I led in the ideation, prototyping, and technical development of a version of CNNgo for DirecTV, which was not ever launched due to hardware limitations. It included a lower-third approach to navigate a 24-hour window of shows, segments, and extended related content.

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We then expanded to Amazon’s FireTV, Roku, Samsung TV, and Android TV; all experiences were based on the original AppleTV design.

With the launch of the fourth-generation of AppleTV with tvOS, we redesigned the experience with a video-first approach.

This was a TV campaign for CNNgo’s multi-platform offering.

CNNgo Architecture

In addition to my Product and Design responsibilities, I was responsible for the overall CNNgo Technical Architecture.

As most of our development was done by extrenal companies, I became the Technical Head for the TV Apps implementations, where an end-to-end understnading of the product and its upstream system depenedncies was critical.

One of my main focus was the systems architecture of all the scheduling, programming, and encoding systems that made CNNgo possible. I dealt with the evolution of the Live and VOD workflows architecture.

CNNgo early App and Workflows Architecture