I have a passion for video. I have been involved in digital video since its very beginning more than 20 years ago when streaming was really not more than animated GIFs, and I have been riding along since then. I have seen the evolution of video codecs, streaming delivery technologies, video applications, UI patterns, and player capabilities. I have designed, prototyped, implemented, coded, architected, and researched video experiences and platforms for TV, OTT, Mobile, and Web. There is still so much to do to make video platforms more gratifying.

The opportunity to be part of the evolution of Peacock is aligned greatly with my experience. I excel in fast-paced innovative environments that allow the creation of novel video customer experiences. The mix of the VOD catalog and digital streaming channels on Peacock opens great opportunities to expand the differentiation of the product across the industry.

Video experiences are a complex place where a beautiful technology implementation, the finest design, and a seamless strategy have to work perfectly together. Accomplishing excellent video experiences of excellence was one of my goals at CNN. Moreover, I redefined how to approach video strategically building and mentoring cross-functional teams of designers, researchers, engineers, and product managers.

My research experience together with my industry work has allowed me to have a deep understanding of today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities and to have a proactive and forward-thinking approach to every project I led. For example, I started prototyping video Watch Parties and Multi-dimensional Interactive TV experiences more than 10 years ago. Today we take them for granted.

I bring a unique combination of strong hands-on experience across technology, product, and design. In every role, my ultimate goal has always been creating the best experiences for our users. Please review further details of my work at goldenbergmedia.com.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you at your convenience.

Sergio Goldenberg